Place MyListing comments or reviews anywhere

Why do I need CoDicts MyListing Reviews?

Flexibility, Styling and Higher User Interaction.

Place It Anywhere

Yes that’s right with Codicts MyListing Reviews & Comments Plugin, it allows you to place the comments or reviews anywhere.

Speed Optimized

Like all of the CoDicts Plugins our main focus is speed!!! As always we have made this plugin as lightweight as possible.

Better User Interaction

See an increase in user interaction by placing the reviews or comments module direct on the main listing page.

What Makes CoDicts MyListing Reviews Special?

Our plugin give you more flexibility with your listing layout

Place MyListing reviews or comments anywhere

CoDicts MyListing Reviews plugin gives you the power! place the reviews or comments module anywhere on the listing page or even on your “post” pages. 

Simple to use

MyListing Reviews plugin is super simple to use, just install it and click activate, then add the shortcodes provided to any of your listing pages.

Get higher engagement from your users

Users on the CoDicts MyListing Reviews plugin have seen a big increase in engagement just by moving the reviews and comments from being on a tab to the main listing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s super simple, after activating our plugin you will see a new page in the wordpress backend, on this page you will see to shortcodes, one for submission and one for displaying, just copy and paste  these and add them to your listing page.

No not at all, here at CoDicts our main focus is speed, we make all our plugins as lightweight as possible and that’s no different with MyListing Reviews Plugin, this plugin is super lightweight.

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Get more engagement from your users today

Plugin Info

  • Turns the MyListing comments & reviews module into a shortcode
  • Super lightweight & speed optimised

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