Super light weight WordPress Upload Size & Limits Plugin

Why do I need CoDicts Upload Limits?

More Control, Less Bloat, Faster Website

More Control

CoDicts Upload Limits gives you the admin more control over what size images your users can upload.

Speed Optimized

Speed matters! and that’s why we set out to make a plugin that puts you in control.

Less bloat

Keep those oversized images off your database, have less bloat and faster loading pages.

What Makes CoDicts Upload Limits Special?

Our plugin allows you to set upload limits for each user role

Set your upload limits

CoDicts Upload Limits allows you the admin to set maximum upload limits for your users.

Easy to use settings

Our Upload Limits plugin integrates perfectly with WordPress, giving you a new settings page allowing you to easy edit and manage your limit settings for each user role.

Faster page load times

The Upload Limits plugin will put a stop to your users uploading oversized images and slowing down your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course, the CoDicts Upload Limits plugin lets use set upload limits for each user role.

The user will prompted with a error message letting them know the image is too large and what size image they are allowed to upload.


Start controlling your website visitors’ upload limits today

Plugin Info

  • Adds new setting page for you to control user upload limits 
  • Allows different limits for different user roles.

10th March 2022 – Version 1.0.0

  • Plugin Launch

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