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Embed MyListing Listings Anywhere!


Allow your listing owners to embed their listings on their own website, build listing feeds to embed on other websites ( for instance you wanted to pay another site for ads, now instead of just placing a banner on their site you can place a live feed of listings from your website) or even embed them on your own site, feeds are automatically updated via api, so every time a new listing is added to your site the feeds no matter where they are will be updated also.
When building forms to allow listing feeds to be created you can set default filtering, add or remove options for the users and build as many different form builders as you wish, once built it will give you a shortcode to place anywhere you wish to display the listing feed form builder on your website.
Currently we have two templates available, you can either use the listing card template that uses what ever you are using on your MyListing site or you can use text template which will give you simple text list.
More info coming soon…
Note: MyListing Theme by 27Collective is required


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